Thompkins Health Center

822 Lee Drive

Jefferson City, MO  65101

Telephone: 573-681-5476       Fax:  573-681-5877


Lincoln University's Student Health Services (SHS), located in the Thompkins Center, is here to protect and maintain the health of all currently enrolled students. Medical services are provided at no cost. Should tests, x-rays, and other services beyond the scope of the Center be recommended, the Student Health staff will assist students with referral and insurance billing. Any on-going medical condition such as, but not limited to, diabetes, hypertension, epilepsy or migraine is the responsibility of the student's primary care physician (PCP). SHS will monitor the student's health in collaboration with the PCP.
As a courtesy to Lincoln University employees, faculty and staff may be seen in Student Health Services for services such as but not limited to blood pressure checks and weight, at the discretion of the SHS staff. In the event an employee requires a health-related medical referral or treatment this must be done through the employee's primary care physician. Family members of students, faculty and staff are not eligible for treatment in Student Health Services. 
Fall and Spring Semesters: Mon-Fri:  8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Summer Semester: Mon-Thurs: 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.



 *Open July 15th 2014 thru Aug 31 2014* (click here)

Students must be registered for 12 or more credit hours to access the website.

If you are having problems accessing the website, try adding a 0 in front of the student ID number before calling for assistance.


  1. New Students:
    New students (first semester Spring 2015) can apply to waive their student health insurance by completing the online waiver process at: If your name is not found, you may not be a new student, see step 2.  You will need your student ID number as well.  Please note that your student ID is 7 characters in length, preceding 0s are important.  Upon successfully waiving your insurance, you will receive a confirmation email.  Please keep this for your records.  This is your only proof of waiving.
  2. Returning Students:
    Returning students can only waive their health insurance if they provide proof of insurance.  You will need to complete the online form, in its entirety, at successfully waiving your insurance, you will receive a confirmation email from the Chief of Staff.  Please keep this for your records.  This is your only proof of waiving.
  3. Adding Student Health Insurance: If you are not enrolled in 12 credit hours or more and would like to participate in the student insurance plan, you may add student health insurance, by completing the following form at
  4. All students enrolled in 12 hours or more that do not waive insurance by January 30, will be responsible for the charge.  International students must carry insurance and are not eligible to waive.
  5. If you waived insurance in the Fall 2014 semester, you do not need to take action, unless you need to add insurance (see step 3).