Student Insurance Plan

Lincoln University has negotiated an affordable and comprehensive health care plan for our students and their dependents. 

  • Full-time students (registered for 12 hours or more) will automatically be billed for the student health plan, but may waive the insurance. 
  • Part-time students are not automatically enrolled, but may enroll in the student health plan. 
  • All international students MUST have the student health plan.


Student Health Insurance Plan Rates


Annual Rate: Student $ 1,696          Semester Rate: $848


Annual Rate: Student $ 1,430          Semester Rate: $715


Annual Rate: Student $ 1,354          Semester Rate: $677

Voluntary (Part-time)

Annual Rate: Student $ 1,620          Semester Rate: $810


NOTE:  If a student chooses to waive the insurance, a review will be done by the University's insurance carrier.  If the student's personal insurance is found to be inadequate (i.e., no insurance coverage for the entire academic year) the health plan will automatically be applied to the student's account.