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Rental Cars

Employees are covered by the State Legal Expense fund while driving on behalf of Lincoln University, including rental cars. This fund does not cover personal side trips.

In-state travel with rental vehicles: Usage of in-state rental vehicles for official state business is provided liability coverage by the State Legal Expense Fund, including liability, comprehensive and collision coverages. When you rent a car to travel within the state, there is no need to purchase insurance that the rental agency offers. 

Out-of-state travel with rental vehicles: If traveling out of state, liability coverage should be purchased through the rental agency. Currently, the state-approved contractor is Enterprise Rent-A-Car.  Liability coverage is included in the state wide Enterprise Rent-A-Car contract for out of state rentals.  No additional coverage needs to be purchased when using this contract.

Usage of rental vehicles for personal activities is not covered by the state, therefore you must obtain coverage with the rental company, your personal auto insurer, or arrange other means of transportation (i.e. public transportation) at your own expense.