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Non-vehicular accidents or incidents, on-campus

The state legal expense fund is available for the payment of any statutory allowable claim or any amount required by a final judgment rendered by a court of competent jurisdiction against the State of Missouri or any agency of the state. See Sections 105.711, 537.600, RSMo. Before a claim can be considered under the fund, Risk Management must first determine that a dangerous condition of property existed, as required by the statutes.

Student or Visitor Injury

When a student or visitor to Lincoln University property is injured, the Department of Public Safety of Lincoln University MUST be notified at the time of the accident either in person or by telephone.

Lincoln University should offer assistance to the injured party by offering to call an ambulance or a family member. If the individual appears to be seriously injured, then an ambulance should be called. To call an ambulance, simply call 9-1-1.

The Department of Public Safety will send their completed accident form to the Purchasing Department within 24 hours. The Purchasing Department will complete the required forms to report the incident (Automobile Loss Notice Form # MO300-0068) to the State within 48 hours. All claims shall be reviewed and a determination of liability will be made by the State OA - Risk Management office and State Attorney General's Office.

Employee Injuries: Contact your Director or Human Resources.

Other Incidents: Contact Public Safety. Public Safety will notify Purchasing If state property is involved in the incident or if there are potential risk issues.