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What you can expect from Purchasing

  • Fast Action
    Almost all requisitions are processed within 1-5 working days after they are received in our department. Inadequate information on your requisition will delay the processing of a Purchase Order.

  • Follow-Up
    We have a routine follow-up system, however you should feel free to request a special follow-up.
  • A Visit
    We would be glad to come and visit with you and study your needs. Call us and we will make time for you.
  • Excess or Surplus Property
    We have issued a pamphlet that would assist you in the disposal or transfer of your excess & surplus property. Yet, you can call us for assistance and we will be glad to assist you.
  • Shipping
    We will help you with packing and shipping. Call us and we will be glad to help you.
  • Product Information Gathering
    For product information you can access current Thomas Register catalogs VIA the Internet at www.thomasregister.com.
  • Co-Operation
    You can expect us to be cooperative, unless your request is contrary to proper and ethical business practices. A legitimate request will not be rejected or put down.

What you cannot expect from Purchasing

  • Technical Evaluation & Decisions
    We need your expertise on this.
  • Changing Requisitions Without Notice
    Unless it is a minor change - (e.g. wrong address, transposed numbers). Major changes are referred back to you.
  • Error Free Performance
    From time to time we do make errors. So call us and point them to us. We will gladly correct them.
  • Purchase Order Numbers
    We cannot issue a P.O. number prior to receiving a properly executed requisition unless it is an emergency situation.
  • Status of Order
    We will not be able to tell you the status on your order unless you tell us the control number of the requisition or PO number. So please make sure to have one of those numbers on hand before you call us. It is just a wast of time and energy on your part and ours.