Readiness means you are ready to participate in the ROAR Program. In order to participate in ROAR you must have completed the admissions process which includes:


-Your $20 admissions application fee

-Your completed admissions application by July 15 for the fall semester and November 1 for the spring semester

-Your official final transcript (high school transcript for freshmen; all college transcripts for transfer students)

-Your ACT or SAT score




Orientation provides you an opportunity to explore your living and learning environment for your college career. Additionally, you will experience programming designed to prepare you for your career as a Lincolnite.





Everything you’ve done up to now has prepared you for this rite of passage. Everything you do from this day forward will serve to advance your academic and social journey. ROAR will aid you in your transition from a high school student to a proud Lincolnite.


During ROAR you will also meet Orientation Leaders (OL’s) who have traveled the same journey you will embark upon.  The OL’s are LU student ambassadors who will talk with you about what you can expect at LU and will offer support, guidance, and advice. Your OL will also guide you and your ROAR group through the orientation agenda and activities.




You’ve reached the final step in your preparation for college. Now it’s time to register. Freshman advisors will assist you in developing your class schedule for the fall or spring semesters.  You will receive advice on course selection, major selection and career options related to your degree. You will register with your advisor on the second day of orientation.
Your registration appointment will last approximately 15-20 minutes.


Note: Transportation and travel arrangements should be made to allow ample time to register for your classes during orientation as we can not change your registration appointment time.




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