Sibling and Parent Participation

We invite parents/guardians and siblings of incoming students to participate in ROAR Orientation.


Family Involvement
We understand that the decision to attend college can often be a difficult one and one that families often make together. The transition from high school to college, or from one school to another is often aided by family support. For this reason, we have designed programs to help parents understand this transition and to help them equip their student with greater independence and confidence while remaining connected to their students overall success.


Parent Participation  

If your parent/guardian/guest would like to participate in ROAR Parent Orientation, please indicate this on the registration form and remit the $25.00 fee per guest. Please be mindful that this does not include lodging. 


Sibling Participation

Sibling orientation is designed to aid siblings with adjustment to the change in family dynamics, while helping them to understand the role they play in seeing their brother or sister being successful while away at college. Siblings ages 7-13 are invited to participate in the ROAR Sibling Orientation.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding the parent or sibling orientation sessions please feel free to contact the ROAR Orientation Office at (573) 681-5695, or email us at 



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