Placement Exams

Math Placement Exam (Practice the Exam Now)

Any student who does not transfer college credit in mathematics must take the Mathematics Placement Exam (MPE).  Please take this test seriously as you will only be allowed to take the exam once.  You will have 1 hour to complete the test, and you may use a calculator (see below).

Your score will determine the mathematics class in which you will be allowed to register.  Since it places students in a broad range of classes, from Basic Mathematics to Calculus I, questions on the MPE range from arithmetic to college algebra and trigonometry. You aren’t expected to know how to complete all the problems; however, try to do your best on the questions you understand.    

Students are required to bring a valid, current photo ID, and may also bring a calculator (please see the list below for calculators that may not be used.)

The MPE will be offered during each orientation session during the summer ROAR sessions.

If you miss your scheduled MPE exam time, you should contact the Department of Computer Science, Mathematics and Technology to schedule a make-up exam at (573) 681-5482. Please DO NOT contact Orientation as we cannot schedule your make-up exam.


ACT Residual Exam

Students must register with Beth Nolte in the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment to take the exam and pay for it with the Cashier’s office (573-681-5054/5).

The ACT Residual Exam is required for incoming students who have not taken the National ACT test. This exam is a national ACT exam and the sub-score you receive in English will determine the English course you will enroll in. The exam will take approximately four and a half hours to complete. Students are required to bring two number 2 pencils, a photo id, and may use a calculator for the math portion of the test. Students must register for the exam prior to the scheduled test date. The deadline to register to Thursday, August 16, 2012 by close of business.

Please contact the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment at 681-5194 to register for the exam.   The cost of the examination is $35.00.

The exam will take place on Monday, August 20, 2012 in 300 Young Hall from 8:00 am until 12:30 pm


(Calculators that may NOT be used on the placement exams)

  • Texas Instruments: All model numbers that begin with TI-89 or TI-92
  • Casio: Algebra fx 2.0, ClassPad 300, and all model numbers that begin with CFX-9970G
  • Pocket Organizers
  • Electronic writing pads or pen-input devices—The Sharp EL 9600 is permitted
  • Calculators with a typewriter keypad (keys in QWERTY format)—Calculators with letter keys not in QWERTY format are permitted.
  • Hewlett-Packard: hp 48GII and all model numbers that begin with hp 40G or hp 49G
  • Calculators with built-in computer algebra systems
  • Hand held laptop computers, iPads or mobile devices
  • Calculators built into cellular phones or other electronic communication devices


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