Office of Information Technology

OIT's Help Desk is located on the second floor of Schweich Hall. You can reach the OIT Help Desk by calling 573-681-5888, by emailing , or by filling out the below service request form.

Onsite support hours: Monday-Friday 7am – 7pm Excluding Holidays

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides technology support for Lincoln University in the areas of:

OIT Help Desk Service Request Form

OIT Help Desk Service Request Service requests are handled on a first-come first-serve basis with an expected response time of 24 hours. If you have additional questions or concerns please call the help desk at 573-681-5888, on-campus extension 5888. Online service requests are OIT's preferred method of requesting help desk services. We would appreciate your feedback, please email us with your comments and/or suggestions. We appreciate your cooperation.

Top OIT Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I turn my computer off before I leave work?
  • What if I need additional software installed on my computer?
  • What if I need to move my computer to another location?
  • How do I reduce the size of my mailbox? (faculty)
  • What is PII?
  • Why do I have to change my password every 6 months?
  • Why does my password have to be so complex?