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54th Annual Unity Awards in Media, 2007

EconomicsEditorial Writing
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Chris Hawley
“Getting by: Emigration and the Cost of Living in Mexico”
Arizona Republic

Rhonda Chriss Lokeman
“Pardons would correct injustices, honor pioneer”
The Kansas City Star


Brady McCombs and Thomas Stauffer
“Star Investigation: Illegal Labor Fix Falls Short”
Arizona Daily Star

Jeff Gerritt
“Neglect in Custody”
The Detroit Free Press

EducationPublic Affairs/Social Issues
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Stan Simpson
“A Decade of Half Measures”
The Hartford Courant

David Shaffer and David Chanen
“Redlined When and Why the Police Don’t Investigate”
Star Tribune Sun


Peter Schmidt
“Series of Affirmative Action Articles”
The Chronicle of Higher Education

Carolyn Tuft and Joe Mahr
“Broken promises, broken lives”
St. Louis Post Dispatch
Investigative ReportingPolitics
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Matthew Fleischer
LA Weekly

Josh Kun
“Island of Jorge Hank Rhon”
LA Weekly


Larry Margasak
“Legal-Rich and Poor”
AP Associated Press

Stephanie Innes and Brady McCombs
“Star Investigation: Sealing our Border”
Arizona Daily Star

Television - Public Affairs/Social IssuesTelevision - Politics
Bob Abernethy, Arnold Labathon, Lucky Severson, Susan Grandis Goldstein
“Homeless Hospice”
Religion & Ethics Newsweekly

Benno Schmidt III
“The Middle East Reporter’s Notebook”
HD News

Sandra King, Ian Turlin, Raymond Brown, Henrietta Parker
“Due Progress Health Disparities: RX for Equality”
New Jersey Network Public Television
Marvin Zindler, Lori Reingold, Bob Dows & John Mubark
“The Heart and Soul of Russia”
KTRK TV Houston, TX