The Media Center

Inman E. Page Library's Media Center provides acces to technology, media-based instructional materials and equipment. We provide service, education and access to current and advanced technology in support of the library and Lincoln University.

The Media Center is located on the ground floor of Page Library and is composed of several rooms, including an audiovisual graphics lab, Ageworks, and the Learning Commons.  It serves the University as an academic support unit.  There are a variety of materials, including hardware and software, which are maintained by the IMC. Patrons may check out some items, depending upon policy and availability, however, some materials in the IMC are not available for circulation. Available audio visual materials include video, DVDs and multimedia kits. These items are searchable via the Online Public Access Catalog. One may narrow the search either by title or by using the keyword option and selecting, in the dropdown menu, the material type preferred, such as video. For more information or assistance one may contact the Media Center at 573.681.5260 during operating hours.

The policy regarding multimedia circulation is as follows:

Videos retrieved from the circulating collection may be checked out by Lincoln University students and personnel.  Other university and community patrons may view the collection in the library, but may not check the AV items out. Media checkout follows the circulation policies of the library.  There is technically no limit to the number of items which may be checked out, but we recommend a limit of  5 maximum.  The general list is as follows:

          Videos          2 days

          DVDs            2 days

          CDs              2 days

          Books           30 days

Videos retrieved from the archival collection are considered reserve materials. They may be viewed by anyone in the library, but may not be checked out as a circulating item.

Lincoln University personnel may reserve media, from either collection for viewing within the library for a designated time during the semester.  These videos may come from either collection, but may not be circulated until after the reserved time is over.  The media may only be viewed within the premises of the library.  Reserved materials will be located on the reserve shelf in the IMC or upstairs in the Circulation department's reservation section. If the reserved video is not on the shelf, the patron may check either location.  At the end of the reservation period, or semester, the reserve item will be returned to the appropriate collection and become available for circulation accordingly.

The Media Center provides several different kinds of services to the patrons of Page Library. These services include graphic and video production or dubbing, hands-on instruction and workshops in technology, viewing rooms, equipment assistance, search aid, and other options as necessary.  The basic services are available for the full operational hours of the library during all semesters.  Specialized Services requiring expertise, such as video editing, graphics and publication editing/creation, printing, mounting, and other services may be limited by varying office hours and are usually best available via appointment. Some fees may apply to cover the cost of material and creation. 
Included with these services, the IMC sells some consumable products, as necessary, to the patrons. These products are generally sold at cost and include, among other things, useful items such as audio and video cassettes,  pens, pencils, poster board and lamination. Some services may be limited by availability. The Media Center does not currently provide printing services at this time.  Those who need color prints or other printing services should contact Printing Services at: 573.681.5395.

Group Study Rooms

The Media Center provides the service of group study rooms via signature and ID. Patrons must sign in for a room and provide ID. Any Media Staff person will be happy to assist in the procurement of the group study room. The rooms are available to most patrons, but service can be denied based on room availabilty or the needs of the University. There are computers in some of the group study rooms. There is, however, no printing. It is suggested that patrons who utilize the group study rooms to write their papers or work on projects save their work via flash drive and email.