Used Oil
Buildings and Grounds and the Carver Farm manage used oil here on campus. Used oil includes all vacuum pump oil, synthetic oil, transmission and brake fluids, lubricating greases, and etc…etc. All of these components can be mixed together as use oil. Used oil must be recycled and not enter the sewer system or be poured on the ground for disposal.
The basic requirements for Used Oil Management are:
Used Oil must be stored in a secure container that is only opened to add more used oil
Containers must be clearly labeled and marked with the words “Used Oil”
Only release used oil over 55 gallons to used oil transport with a valid transporter license.
            Record amount of used oil sent offsite and keep records available for three years.
Please note that if one drop of a listed hazardous waste is mixed with the used oil, that oil becomes a hazardous waste. (For example, if used would be solvents such as certain paint thinners, or if it contains metals)   If you have any questions on used oil management, please contact Robert Clay, Hazardous Materials Compliance Officer at 681-5497 or