Pesticides application for the crops produced at the Carver & Busby Farms are contracted out to a commercial pesticide applicator. However, small quantities of pesticides are used to suppress insect infestation of the animals at the Carver Farm and Busby Farm. Typically, all of these materials are completely used and it is not common to have any pesticides that would fall in the realm of universal waste. If there are every any pesticides that need to be disposed of the following management strategy is listed below
Management Options for Unused Pesticide
Return unused pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other related agricultural chemicals
to the manufacturer for disposal. Most companies will accept them. If the manufacturer will not accept the material, include the manufacturer’s contact person, phone number and any paperwork verifying their non-acceptance of the material.
Alternatively, retain the material and use it as it was intended, consistent with the label 
instructions. If either of these options is not viable, please contact Robert Clay, Hazardous Materials Compliance Officer at 681-5497 or for a waste pick-up.