Mercury Containing Equipment

There are many types of equipment that contain elemental mercury. Buildings and Grounds, Cooperative Research and Academic Research manage the majority of the mercury containing items here at Lincoln University.  Before disposing of any of these types of equipment, you should verify that they do not contain mercury. The Hazardous Waste Materials Officer will manage this material and handle as appropriate.
*Please note that once the items become a waste, they cannot remain on campus for more than a year.
Examples include:
                        Heating and air conditioning thermostats
                        Tilt switches used in silent light switches, washing machine lids, chest type freezers
                        Pressure gauges, displacement/plunger relays
                        Sump pump float switches
                        Thermometers, manometers
Click here to see “North Dakota Department of Health Mercury Fact Sheet” to see a visual picture to identify the devices above
If you have any material of this type that need to be disposed of or find any broken materials that might have release mercury please contact Robert Clay, Hazardous Materials Officer at 681-5497 or for recycle or disposal of these materials.