Fluorescent Lamp Other Mercury Containing

Lamp Management

Fluorescent lamps & other mercury containing lamps are collected and managed by the Lincoln University Electrician and other Buildings & Grounds employees.
Examples of other types of lamps that contain mercury are High Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs (Metal Halide, Mercury Vapor, high pressure sodium & neon bulbs)
Fluorescent bulbs that are identified as “Sylvania ECO”/“Ecologic” have been tested and have TCLP metals values below the EPA limits for a characteristically toxic hazardous waste. The bulbs are easily identified by the with green lettering and the word “ECOLOGIC”
These bulbs are considered non-hazardous waste if they are managed in small quantities and on an infrequent basis. 
Any fluorescent bulbs that are not the “Ecologic” bulbs will be considered the ones that contain regulated amounts of mercury in them. 
Unbroken bulbs of this type must be placed in a container (preferably the original box) with a Universal Waste label. Bulbs must be stored in a manner to prevent breakage. Boxes should be filled completely before recycling to prevent breakage if possible. Bulb recycling will be managed by Buildings and Grounds here at Lincoln University. *Please Note these materials cannot remain on campus for longer than a year.  click here for universal waste label 
Broken Fluorescent Lamp Management
If you find any questions please contact Robert Clay, Hazardous Materials Officer at 681-5497 or Clayr2@lincolnu.edu.