Appropriate Absorbents for Special Spill Clean-up


Acid Chlorides

·         Use Oil-Dri, Zorb-All, or dry sand.
·         Avoid water and avoid sodium bicarbonate.
Alkali Metals (lithium, sodium, magnesium, potassium)
·         Smother with dry sand or cover with contents from a Class “D” fire extinguisher.
      Use of a Class “D” fire extinguisher is the preferred extinguishing method.
·         Avoid contact with water.
White or Yellow Phosphorus
·         Blanket with wet sand or wet absorbent.
·         Neutralize spill with a 5% solution of sodium thiosulfate.
·         Absorb with inert absorbent material.
Hydrofluoric Acid
·         Neutralize with soda ash or lime (or absorb spill with special HF spill pillow).
·         Absorb with inert absorbent material.
Look at Mercury Clean-up Page.
Call EH&S (681-5496) and ask for assistance if you are unable to accomplish adequate clean up.