Aerosols used on campus come from a variety of sources such as Buildings and Grounds and Auxiliary Services.  In general most supplies in aerosol cans are used until empty and do not have to be managed as a hazardous waste.
For all aerosol cans, use as much as possible all of the contents for the intended purpose. For the can to be empty, the pressure of the propellant gas should be unable to propel any more material from the can. (Note: If the nozzle or valve malfunctions, and some of the contents remain, the can is not empty.)
If the can is empty of all liquids, gases, and propellants, it may be recycled or disposed in a sanitary landfill. Recycling as scrap metal is strongly encouraged. If the can is not empty, the Hazardous Waste Compliance Officer must perform a hazardous waste determination on both the can and any residuals remaining in the can (liquids, gases, or propellants).
If you need a waste determination or have any questions please contact Robert Clay, Hazardous Materials Compliance Officer at 681-5497 or