MBA Graduate Program-Online

"Many successful professional careers begin in technical positions and end in management positions."

The mission of the MBA program is to increase students' knowledge, skills, and understanding of current business theories and practices.  The goal is to improved critical thinking processes, qualitative and quantitative evaluative techniques, enhance computer skills, and implant the ability to develop and apply effective business practices, policies, and procedures.

This program is designed for traditional students and working professionals in the business community and the ever changing global marketplace.

Students may study for the MBA degree with emphases in Accounting, Management Information Systems, Management, or Public Administration/Policy.  Only the following emphasis areas are completely online: Management and Public Administration/Policy. Students will still be able to complete all core courses online. The MBA prerequisites may not all, at this time, be offered online. 

To graduate from the program, a student will successfully complete 36 credit hours of courses consisting of  core courses, and approved electives.

MBA core courses and approved elective courses are listed in the Lincoln University Graduate Bulletin available at the University website

Admission Requirement

Admission is open to all undergraduate majors. A student not having an undergraduate business or a business related degree will be required to take up to 18 credit hours of undergraduate courses in Accounting, Business Law, Economics, Management, and Marketing. Non Accounting undergraduate majors interested in the Accounting Emphasis may also be required to take up to 12 credit hours of undergraduate accounting courses.

Applicants are required to take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) 

Applicants to the MBA program may enroll in up to nine hours of graduate courses during their last semester of undergraduate studies.  For more information on admission requirements visit

Program Requirement

  • The MBA program consists of 36 hours of graduate credit: 27 hours of core courses, and nine hours of approved electives.
  • All MBA students will be required to keep a portfolio of class work from courses in the chosen area of emphasis.
  • Portfolio contents will be determined in consultation with the student's graduate advisor.
  • All students must complete a policy course during the last semester of graduate work.  
  • Students will be required to complete a comprehensive examination in the last semester of coursework.

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