All first-time dual credit students must complete an Application for Admission.  This abbreviated application includes authorizations and approvals not included on the regular student application.  New students must pay a $20 non-refundable application fee at this time (separate check). The student's application will not be processed without payment. (If a student's mother or father is a Lincoln graduate, the $20.00 application fee is waived, but this information must be completed on the application form for verification.) 
If you have enrolled in dual credit classes previously, you do not need to submit a new Application for Admission unless your personal information has changed.
All students must complete a separate enrollment card for each class.  Your instructor has a sample enrollment card indicating how to complete the card.  This card must be signed by the student and instructor.
Application for Admission Fee:  $20
A separate check (made payable to Lincoln University) should accompany the student's admission application. Students should put their name on the check memo line to ensure their payment is applied properly to their account.  
Tuition:  $75.00 per credit hour (Fall, 2013 and Spring, 2014)
A separate check for the total amount of tuition ($75.00 per credit hour) must be paid at the time of registration. If payment is not received, the student will not be registered for that course(s).  You may pay by check or credit/debit card (MasterCard, Visa or Discover). To pay by debit/credit card, please call the Division of Continuing Education at (573) 681-5206 and it will be processed over the telephone. Do not send credit card information to school.
The cost per course is:
3-Hours - $225                      4-Hours - $300                      5-Hours - $375
It is the student's responsibility to notify Lincoln University at (573) 681-5206 if their schedule changes and they have dropped a dual credit class. All requests must be in writing and e-mailed to pabstk@lincolnu.edu  Since dual credit registration occurs during the first two weeks of school, once the student has registered and paid for a course, a refund will not be issued if the course is dropped. Failure to notify Lincoln University of any schedule changes may result in that student receiving a failing grade for that course. 

All dual credit students must have at least a 3.0 GPA. 

Placement Testing: For those students enrolled in English 101, please submit copies of your ACT results indicating an English score of 18 or higher. For those students enrolling in Math, you must take the Lincoln University placement test administered by your instructor. Your instructor will be notified of the results once they have been graded so you can enroll in the appropriate level Math course.

Sophomores wishing to enroll in dual credit classes must score in the 90th percentile on the ACT test (composite score), in addition to the other applicable requirements listed in this paragraph.  ACT results must be submitted with enrollment. 

After the student completes these forms, please return them to your instructor who will forward them to Lincoln University, Division of Continuing Education. 
Students can request transcripts ($5.00 fee) at any time using the Dual Credit Transcript Request Form. These forms are available from your instructor at the end of the school year, or you can access them on our website. Transcripts are not available for the previous semester until after the grades available date below.
Grades for classes taken during the semester will be available after the date available listed below.  Student grade report cards will NOT be mailed to students.  In order to access grades, students must log into WebAdvisor or the Blue Tiger Portal and clicking on WebAdvisor.  Instructions and assistance are provided here.
To determine if a course will transfer to another institution, please contact the receiving institution for that determination.  We cannot authorize the transfer of a course.  If the institution needs additional information, please contact the Division of Continuing Education at the number below for a course description and/or syllabus.
Division of Continuing Education
Lincoln University
Lorenzo Greene Hall
900 Leslie Boulevard, Suite C
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Telephone: (573) 681-5206

email: learn@lincolnu.edu