Instructor Qualifications

High school dual credit instructors shall meet the same requirements for faculty teaching on campus:

  • Master's degree appropriate to the academic field in which they are teaching or a Master's degree with substantial study (usually a minimum of 18 graduate semester hours) appropriate to the academic field in which they are teaching.

  • Complete the LU Application for Employment and include a resume and original transcripts from all institutions attended.

Dual credit application packets should be mailed to:

Lincoln University
Division of Continuing Education
Lorenzo Greene Hall
900 Leslie Boulevard, Suite C
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Once an application is received, the respective department will review it for approval. The applicant will be notified in writing of their application status.

Department Liaison

An LU faculty liaison from the respective department provides on-site supervision and evaluation for all dual credit courses. During the fall semester, liaisons and dual credit faculty meet on campus to discuss the course, content, assessment, textbooks, and other issues. On-site classroom visits are held during the spring semester. 

Course Registration

Registration occurs during a two-week period at the beginning of the semester and materials are submitted to the Continuing Education office. The instructor will distribute registration instructions, applications for admission, and enrollment cards to the students. After completed, the instructor will collect the materials and payments and return them to either their school counselor or to LU Continuing Education.



Each dual credit instructor enters course grades via the Lincoln University portal, WebAdvisor. You will receive a username and password to access the portal. Mid-term grades are not entered. Final grades are mailed to dual credit students during the first week of either January (fall) or June (spring).

Students will receive their grades by logging into WebAdvisor or the Blue Tiger Portal from the main page, www.lincolnu.edu.


Dual credit instructors are paid per dual credit student (up to 24 students) enrolled in their course on the following scale:

            3 credit hours: $50 per student

            4 credit hours: $67.77 per student

            5 credit hours: $83.33 per student

The number of paychecks issued is based on the following scale:

            1-5 students – one paycheck, last month of the semester

            6-10 students – two paychecks, last two months of the semester

            11+ students – three paychecks, last three months of the semester


Mentoring Program

A 12-month mentor program is available for instructors who do not meet full qualifications. Contact the Continuing Education office at learn@lincolnu.edu or (573) 681-5206 for more information.


Courses Available

ART 100—Introduction to Art (3 cr.)
ART 104—Theory of Design & Color (3 cr.)
ART 107—Drawing I (3 cr.)
ART 108—Drawing II (3 cr.)
BAD 101—Introduction to Business (3 cr.)
BAD 250—Personal Finance (3 cr.)
BED 208—Integrated Computer Applications
BIO 100—Biological Science Survey (3 cr.)
BIO 101—General Zoology (3 cr.)
BIO 102—General Botany (3 cr.)
BIO 103—Principles of Biology (3 cr.)
BIO 104L— Principles of Biology Lab (1 cr.)
CS 103—Introduction to Microcomputers (3 cr.)
CS105—Business Applications (3 cr.)
ECO 201—Principles of Economics I (3 cr.)
ENG 101—Composition & Rhetoric I (3 cr.)
ENG 102—Composition & Rhetoric II (3 cr.)
ENV 103—Introduction to Environmental Science (3 cr.)
ENV 104L—Introduction to Enviro. Science Lab (1 cr.)
FRE 105—French I (5 cr.)
FRE 205—French II (5 cr.)
GEO 200—World Geography (3 cr.)
HIS 101—World Civilization I (3 cr.)
HIS 102—World Civilization II (3 cr.)
HIS 205—American History I (3 cr.)
HIS 206—American History II (3 cr.)
MAT 113—College Algebra (3 cr.)
MAT 114—Plane Trigonometry (3 cr.)
MAT 117—Elementary Statistics (3 cr.)
MAT 121—Precalculus Mathematics (5 cr.)
MAT 123—Calculus I (5 cr.)
MAT 203—Calculus II (5 cr.)
MUS 200—The World of Music (3 cr.)
PHY 101/101L—College Physics I (4 cr.)
PHY 102/102L—College Physics II (4 cr.)
PSC 201—American Political Institutions (3 cr.)
PSY 101—General Psychology (3 cr.)
S/A 201—Introduction to Sociology (3 cr.)
SPA 105—Spanish I (5 cr.)
SPA 205—Spanish II (5 cr.)

Dual credit courses must duplicate course content delivered on campus at Lincoln University. Please contact the LU Continuing Education office (681-5206) if you want to offer a dual credit course that is not on this list.