Administration & Finance



It is the intent of A&F to recognize and reward those employees within the A&F division who excel in performing their duties, contribute to the overall “positive” image of the University, and identify individuals who submit innovative ideas that result in providing services to the student and the University with less resources being expended.

Every employee is eligible for nomination who has been employed with the University for one year at the time of their nomination.  The Vice President of Administration & Finance and unit Directors are exempt from this award.

Nomination forms shall be submitted by the 15th of each September, December, March, and June to Administration & Finance; 306 Young Hall.

The Office of A&F will forward all nominations to the Employee of the Quarter committee by the 20th of each month for consideration. This committee will meet no later and select an employee of the quarter by the 30th of the month and submit their final recommendation to the Vice President for Administration & Finance.

The Vice President of A&F will appoint each committee member on a quarterly basis.  Should a committee member be nominated, such committee member will be excused for the quarter from serving on the committee.

Each employee selected as Employee of the Quarter will receive an Employee of the Month Certificate and their choice of two (2) awards listed below :


*      $25.00 gift certificate for lunch in the Faculty & Staff dining room

*      $25.00 Wal-Mart Gift Certificate

*      Season pass to Home Basketball or Football games



*      Gift Certificate to LU Book Store ($25.00)


*      Tickets to one of the theater performances  (2-4)

*      $25.00 gift certificate to a restaurant of your choice

*      $25.00 worth of Movie passes

*      Coffee Shop Gift Certificates ($25.00)

*      $25.00 Gift Certificate to Touchless Car Wash

*      $25.00 Gift Certificate to Riversong Spa

*      $25.00 Pre-paid phone card

*      $25.00 Gift Certificate to Westgate Lane Bowling Alley

*      $25.00 Gift Certificate to Everhart’s Hunting Store

*      $25.00 Gift Certificate to Golf USA Store

*      $25.00 Gift Certificate to Hobby Lobby





Employee of the Quarter

Selection Criteria



The selection committee will evaluate each nominee based on the below listed criteria:



  1. Has the employee “excelled” in performing assigned duties? Has the employee satisfied all job description duties with no required re-work? Has the employee received any letters of a “job well done”? Has the employee contributed to the “team” effort by way of completing and/or identifying tasks that need to be done to maintain our campus?


  1. Does the employee conduct him/her self in a manner that produces a positive image for the University and A&F? Does the employee interact with the client and fellow A&F employees with respect and dignity?


  1. Has the employee made any contributions towards a more efficient or productive operation, including money-savings ideas, exceptional fiscal responsibility, or improving the quality of service.


  1. Other characteristics for consideration:


    1. Commitment – shows dedication to the department/division, the College, the discipline, etc.
    2. Leadership – defines roles and responsibilities, sets expectations and standards, solve problems, engender trust, and have a clear view of the future.
    3. Expertise – has a high level of technical skill in record keeping, accreditation requirements, budget process, knowledge of the discipline, recruitment of personnel, etc.
    4. Communication – trains, encourages, listens, coaches, mentors, and advocates for the work unit.
    5. Supervision – evaluates, diagnoses, assigns objectively and fairly.
    6. Patience – respects the value of different working and learning styles and personalities.
    7. Productivity – stays abreast to advances in the discipline and brings the future to the present.
    8. Enthusiasm – likes the job and approaches it with vigor.


Employee of the Quarter Nomination Form